Check out a recent press release for the office, Dr. Holt and the practice are doing great things!!

When Dr. Billy Holt decided in January of 2014 to open his new Direct Primary Care practice, VIP Medical Services, he had hopes of being able to finally give patients the care they deserved. After practicing locally for six years and caring for a patient panel of 5,000+ people, he knew the time was right to pursue a new type of practice. After opening the doors to VIP Medical Services in Ozark in April of 2014, locals gradually got wind of the membership based practice that Dr. Holt and his wife, Tonya, had established. Since the practice is under the Direct Primary Care model, Dr. Holt does not file with any insurance. Patients with or without insurance are welcome to be members, their care just cannot be filed with insurance, should they have coverage. Because of this, Dr. Holt is able to keep costs down at the office, and is able to limit his patient panel to several hundred people. This all in turn benefits his patients, who are scheduled in one hour appointment slots, guaranteed same or next day appointments, able to access labs, EKG, XRAY, and more for pennies on the dollar, and have 24/7 access to their doctor via email and cell phone.

This past week, Dr. Holt was able to take his aspirations of a higher standard of affordable patient care to a new level, when he had the opportunity to impact two of his members in a huge way, both physically and financially. After hearing of a brand new drug aimed to treat those with sever Cholesterol, two current members immediately came to mind. Both in their early thirties, each had already suffered a heart attack, and one had even undergone open heart bypass surgery. Though he was hopeful this would be a good fit for the patients, the drug was only weeks old, no generic offered, and costs around $1,200 monthly, not yet covered by most insurance. The clinic immediately contacted a local drug representative for the company, as well as speaking with the drug manufacturer themselves, to ensure this was a viable options for the patients. Confident that this could prolong healthy lives for his patients, Dr. Holt was able to procure and submit paperwork to the drug manufacturer in application for a patient assistance program, as one had some insurance, but one was uninsured. to Dr. Holt’s delight, both were approved for free medicine, at a cost savings of roughly $15,000 a year. Dr. Holt is quick to credit his new practice for giving him the availability to not only know his patients and their medical backgrounds better, but also giving him the time to be able to research new treatments, and subsequently try to procure them for his patients. He excitedly noted that he was even able to bring the patients back to the office for an educational session on how to administer the new drug, as it is taken through injection instead of pill. By the clinic investing this time, patient lives have undoubtedly been enhanced. This new medication will lower their cholesterol beyond what their current medications were able, thus giving the chance for a healthier, longer life. Dr. Holt hopes that this is the first of many of these situations, and could not be more excited for what the future at the clinic holds.


Reason #1,890,903 That You are Glad Dr. Holt is YOUR Doctor!

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