Affordable Care Act

With the many changes affecting today’s healthcare industry, the Affordable Care Act is often a hot topic of conversation.  Many are confused about what this means for them, why changes are being made to their current (and often longstanding) health insurance policies, or what is required of those that don’t (or can’t) possess coverage.  While Direct Primary Care plans are not considered to be a qualified health plan under the ACA, they are a solution to many who find themselves now without the coverage they need or desire.

What you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and Direct Primary Care:

  • Direct Primary Care plans are not, by themselves, qualified health plans
  • Direct Primary Care plans are largely beneficial to those who now find themselves with High Deductible plans, but want or need more coverage that would otherwise not be affordable with their plan
  • Currently nationwide, many have opted to pay a penalty to delay obtaining coverage in the Healthcare Marketplace, or are unable to obtain coverage. Direct Primary Care offers an affordable solution to those needing primary care and are otherwise uninsured